Truth. Humility. Brilliance. Determination.

We're looking for people who share these core values and are excited to apply their talents to the challenge of growing a company and creating something meaningful together.

Pear Deck is an early-stage, funded startup headquartered in Iowa City, IA. We're focused on helping teachers deliver powerful learning moments to every student, every day. If you like the idea of working on a close-knit crew as we face the challenges of scaling both our customers and our team, this is the perfect time to jump in!



  • Lake Giffen-Hunter


    “ Working with the people on my team is amazing, and the code I write has a direct impact on our users! ”

  • Kate Beihl

    VP of Marketing

    “ Iove the impact we have on teachers and students, and the brilliant, talented people I work with. I laugh every day, I rarely feel discouraged, I tackle big, hard challenges because I know that I've got a team I can rely on to work towards success. ”

  • Annika Pettitt

    Director of Customer Success

    “ I know I’m contributing to the kind of classrooms and community that I want the world to have more of. Our culture of collaboration and fun is palpable even as a remote worker. We take time to be thoughtful, kind, and productive in everything we do. ”