Truth. Humility. Brilliance. Determination.

We're looking for people who share these core values and are excited to apply their talents to the challenge of growing a company and creating something meaningful together.

Pear Deck is an early-stage, funded startup headquartered in Iowa City, IA. We're focused on helping teachers deliver powerful learning moments to every student, every day. If you like the idea of working on a close-knit crew as we face the challenges of scaling both our customers and our team, this is the perfect time to jump in!

  • Danielle Stebel

    Director of Marketing

    “ The incredible team and leadership at Pear Deck not only made it simple to transition to remote work, they go out of their way to make sure I'm as connected as ever and never missing a thing! ”

  • Shana Norris

    Operations Associate

    “ We are doing awesome things for students and teachers. The sense of teamwork at Pear Deck is incredible, it's fun to work at a company that is on the cutting edge, growing, and doing important work. ”

  • Annika Pettitt

    Director of Customer Success

    “ I know I’m contributing to the kind of classrooms and community that I want the world to have more of. Our culture of collaboration and fun is palpable even as a remote worker. We take time to be thoughtful, kind, and productive in everything we do. ”